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School Day


Morning Session         8.35am - 12 noon
Afternoon Session      1.15pm - 3.05pm

Year 1

Morning Session         8.35am - 12.10pm
Afternoon Session      1.15pm - 3.05pm

Year 2

Morning Session        8.35am - 12.10pm
Afternoon Session     1.15pm - 3.05pm


Morning Session         8.35am - 12.10pm
Afternoon Session      1.15pm - 3.15pm

All the children have a 15-minute break mid-morning and a minimum of 50 minutes for lunchtime.

Year 3-6 Stationery List

The children in years 3-6 have been given a list of stationary items they will need to bring on their first day back to school. They will not need to bring a pencil case as school are providing these, they will be issued on the first day back and theirs to keep. We wanted to keep the pencils cases the same to save space (some of the pencil cases we have seen are quite cumbersome and make it difficult for the children to work if they all have them).

Below is the list of things they will need, please bring these in the clear bag on 5th September 2023

Year 3-6 Stationery List

  • 2 x blue writing pens
  • 1 x red pen
  • 3 x pencils (HB)
  • 1 pencil sharpener
  • 1 x rubber
  • 1 x 30cm ruler
  • 1 x glue stick
  • 2 x whiteboard pens (any colour)
  • 1 x yellow highlighter pen

Please help your child to check they have everything they need each day and make sure everything is labelled. This really helps children gain some independence and take responsibility for themselves as they move higher up the school and into secondary education as well as supporting the tightening school budgets. Teachers will not have these items in class but will still have colouring pens and pencils as well as art supplies as normal.