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PE at St. Anne's Catholic Primary School
PE Lead: Miss Green


At St. Anne’s Catholic Primary School, we are passionate about ensuring every child receives a high-quality Physical Education (PE) which develops, challenges, and inspires. A wealth of opportunities are provided for children to partake in a broad range of physical activities, developing their confidence and competence. Physical activity also aims to develop the whole child, including character-building and embedding values. It is intended that the physical confidence developed supports health and fitness, instilling physical literacy. Through enhanced physical literacy, it is hoped that children will lead healthy, active lives in the present and future.


A bespoke curriculum based on the units suggested by the scheme Get Set 4 PE ensures that children partake in an engaging and progressive PE lesson, weekly. Lessons are planned systematically, ensuring that children actively engage in their learning while continually building and enhancing knowledge and skills.

Each lesson begins with the children being introduced to the learning objective and success criteria. Whole child objectives will also be discussed, developing children’s understanding of the skills developed beyond the practical. Following this, the children will partake in a warmup, including movement and stretches. The children will then be introduced to their learning and will be provided with an opportunity to practice and develop the skill taught. Finally, the lesson will conclude with a plenary which aims to consolidate learning by asking the children to recall teaching and learning points.

Content is delivered to the whole class at once, regardless of ability. The opportunity to implement knowledge and skills learned, skill development, is then differentiated following the STTEP principles, ensuring all children can access the task, showing their learning.

Throughout the lesson, the teacher undertakes formative assessment using the information gleaned to identify gaps in learning and make adaptations to the current and subsequent lessons. The information gained then informs end-of-unit and termly assessments.

In addition to PE lessons, a wealth of opportunities are provided for children to engage in physical activity beyond the curriculum through our playground equipment, extra-curricular provisions and competitive sporting events.


The adoption of a progressive curriculum in which key concepts and skills are presented repeatedly through the primary curriculum but with deepening layers of complexity or in different applications ensures that knowledge and skills learned are embedded. This is supported by continued formative, and summative assessment with information gleaned used to support adaptions and planning.

Evidence of the impact is shown through pupil voice, evidence of skills learned within lessons and beyond and the overall enjoyment of the subject. As a result, children will develop the competence to partake in a broad range of physical activities and the knowledge and skills required to lead a healthy, active life.