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School staff members are only able to administer medicine to a child provided that a pupil medication request form has been completed by the parent. The school will not be held liable for any missed doses.

The school staff cannot administer eye and ear drops, or suntan lotion.

We can keep a named inhaler in school, for use as required, for those children suffering from asthma.

There will, of course, be times when your child is unfit to attend school due to illness. If you feel that he/she is not well enough to cope with the pressures of a day at school, please keep him/her at home until he/she is better. When the children are unwell they really do need the individual care you can give them. After an illness children are usually better at home until the need for medication is over. 

Please, however, remember to send a text via Arbor or leave a message on the school answerphone reporting the absence.

Please inform us in writing of any ongoing medical conditions/medication at the time of registration.