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The Governing Body is involved with the school at every level. This includes finance, safeguarding, premises management and appointments. As Governors, we consider our most important role to be the safety, welfare and education of our pupils. Governors are appointed to ensure that objectives are met, and the future planning is both visionary and realistic. We monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the school to make sure it achieves the standards and quality of education and has access to all opportunities.

The Governing Body has delegated responsibility for the teaching and day to day running of the school to the Headteacher and her teaching staff; they receive professional advice from them. The Headteacher is directly responsible to the Governors for the efficient management of the school.

The Governors are local people who have a genuine interest in the success of the school and its pupils. They are elected to serve for a period of four years. As we are a Catholic School, we have six Foundation Governors, who are appointed by the Bishop, two staff governors and two parent governors who are directly elected by the parents and are able to represent their views.

The Governors of St Anne's Catholic School believe it is important that boards reflect the diversity of the school communities they serve. Diverse boards promote inclusive school environments and provide diverse role models for staff and young people.

The Governors are currently collecting data on the diversity of the board, including data on age, gender and ethnicity. They will use that data to inform their recruitment and training needs and ensure there is always a diverse range of perspectives around the table to support robust decision making.

Due to our relatively small governing body, we do not publish this diversity data online as individual governors could be identified and we have a legal obligation to protect their personal data.

Click on the link below for tables showing attendance at governors' meetings in:


Our Governors


Mr Christopher Saunders
Co-Chair of Governors/Parent Governor

Ms Paula Hardman
Co-Chair of Governors/Foundation Governor
Mrs Lyn Derrington
Foundation Governor
Mrs Marguerite Lydon
Vice Chair/Foundation Governor
Mrs Leanne Harris
Headteacher Governor
Mrs Sarah Whelan
Foundation Governor
Mr Jim O'Gorman
Foundation Governor
Mr Steven Byrne
Foundation Governor
Mr Andrew Hughes
Clerk to the Governors
Mrs Louise Bosworth
Staff Governor
  Fr Graham Forristalle
Foundation Governor

Governors Fund

The school has a Governors Fund which pays for many extras in our school, including subsidising the cost of school trips that are now becoming very expensive due to rising transport costs. It also has to fund essential building and maintenance works which, as you can imagine, can be a huge financial strain. We therefore hope that all families will help by making a voluntary donation this year, as each and every child will benefit from the generosity of those who give.

Due to school budgets continually being cut, we are now compelled to look to our Governors Fund to purchase items or services that would have previously been paid for by what we received centrally. Therefore, we are even more reliant on our parents’ generous contributions which help us to provide a rich and varied education experience.

The suggested voluntary donation is £50 per family per year, which is slightly less than a £1 a week. However, the Governors fully accept that £50 is still a lot of money to find at once, so we ask our families - if possible - to set up a smaller regular payment through internet banking. Alternatively, there is an option of making your payment/s online via SCOPAY/Tucasi ( Please ask at the school office if you require help with this.

Account name: St Anne’s Governors Fund
Sort Code: 30-99-80, Account Code: 83225860
Reference: Surname and child’s /children’s name(s)

If you are a taxpayer please also complete a Gift Aid Form, which allows the school to claim an additional 25p for every pound donated.

Many employers operate match funding and/or similar funding schemes that could increase your contribution. We know how busy parents are, but if you think your employer may run one of these schemes, we are happy to assist in any administration that might be involved.

100% of the Governors Fund goes to the school and is used to benefit each and every pupil at St. Anne’s.