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The Arbor Parent Portal is the primary communication tool used by the school to send emails and text messages. The app can be downloaded for free via the App Store or Google Play. The portal is used for absence/attendance as well as for updating personal details. It is a two-way communication tool, meaning parents can send messages as well as receive them. It is entirely free to use for parents.

Emergencies - It is very important that we are able to reach parents or nominated friends in cases of illness or injury. Please ensure that there are at least 3, ideally 4 or more emergency contacts for your child, this can be another parent from school or family member/friend, who can help get a message to the primary guardians in an emergency.

If there are any changes in emergency telephone numbers please notify the school office or update new details via the Arbor Parent Portal


Regular attendance is essential if children are going to make progress at school. If your child is absent please let us know. A telephone message (by 9.15 am please) or message sent via Arbor Parental Portal and a written note on return is necessary. We need to be informed of the reason for every absence – failure to let us know will count as an “unauthorised absence” or truancy.

The school is required by law to publish attendance rates each year. A pupil who has to leave the school early for any reason must notify the class teacher by note or email. No child will be permitted to leave school unaccompanied during the school day. On receipt of the school’s official permission slip signed by parents, Year 6 pupils may be allowed to make their own way home at the end of the school day.

If a child vomits or has a tummy upset we ask you to keep them at home for 48 hours to monitor their recovery. To further improve our attendance, a certificate signed by the Headteacher is issued to all those children who have achieved a 100% attendance for a term. Children who have achieved 100% attendance for the school year will receive a certificate signed by the Chair of the Governors. Detailed attendance records are kept and parents will be informed of the number of absences their child has had on the annual report. The pupils will also be graded for their attendance and punctuality in their mid-term report.


It is most important that your child is on time for school. When a child is late it is disruptive not only for him/her but also for all the other children in the class. No child likes to be late, so please do make the effort to ensure he/she is on time.

Late arrivals are recorded in a book which also ensures the school is aware of the child’s presence. In the morning, registers are taken at 9.00am and any child arriving between then and 9.10am will be marked as late (L). Registers close at 9.10am and any child arriving after this will be marked in as unauthorised absence (U).

Leave of Absence

No child may be granted leave of absence during term time unless there are exceptional circumstances which will be determined by the Headteacher and the Governing Body.

Unauthorised leave of absence in term time (5 days/10 sessions or more within a three month period - this need not be consecutive) without the authorisation of the school will be referred to the Inclusion Officer (formerly known as EWO - Educational Welfare Officer) and may result in a Penalty Notice being issued. (Details in the school’s Attendance Policy).

Every child’s punctuality and attendance is monitored. Cause for concern letters will be issued where necessary and these letters will remain on the child’s file. The school also receives a visit from the Inclusion Officer every term and refers any significant causes for concern. Failure to comply with the planned support set by the Inclusion Officer may result in further actions.