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Vision Statement

As a Catholic School, we, in co-operation with parents, wish to provide a Christian learning environment:

  • Where Christ is at the heart of the Community. Where every member of the School Community is valued. Where consideration and co-operation are fostered and developed. Where difficulties are discussed, problems prayed about and solutions sought, success and failure shared. Where the presence of God in Sacrament and Word is regularly celebrated.
  • Where we recognise diversity of background and faith stance of both staff and pupils and aim to support and encourage each other in our journey of faith.

Thus our School will reflect the values of the Gospel within the tradition of the Roman Catholic faith. Children will be encouraged to develop a loving relationship with God which will result in appreciation, understanding, tolerance, respect and care for each other and all aspects of His Creation.
Working as a team, teaching and non-teaching staff, we aim to:

  • Implement the National Curriculum, ensuring the development of a curriculum that is broad, balanced, relevant and differentiated.
  • Provide a stimulating learning environment which will challenge, motivate and excite each child.
  • Foster qualities of excellence, perseverance, self-discipline and independence.
  • Recognise and develop all talents.
  • Extend the intellectual and creative capabilities of each individual.
  • Encourage responsibility with regard to resources, time, actions, choices and quality of work.

Dedicated and enthusiastic members of staff will help, praise and encourage the children in the process of Christian living and learning. Children will be helped to develop morally, socially and intellectually, according to their age, aptitude and ability, in a Christian atmosphere where love of God and of each other prevails.
Mutual respect will be fostered between:

  • Staff
  • Staff and Parents
  • Staff and Children
  • School and Governors
  • School and Parish
  • Children themselves, irrespective of gender, race, creed, colour, disability

St. Anne's will foster an atmosphere of welcome and sincere respect - a friendly, caring, happy community in which each person will feel valued. Thus children will be encouraged to become confident, mature individuals with an increased awareness and understanding of their environment - an environment which will enable each to make positive choices and to adapt to an ever changing world.