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School Aims

We Aim To:

Provide a Christian education which will result in a living faith and a close personal relationship with Christ.

Create an atmosphere of trust, care and happiness in which all children have the opportunity to develop respect for others, tolerance, self-discipline and good working habits. Each child will be encouraged to make the correct choices which will enable him/her to become a confident, articulate, responsible and open minded citizen in a multicultural society

Deliver a broad, balanced and stimulating curriculum which will motivate and challenge each child to aim for excellence in all they do, taking a pride in their achievements. Each child will be helped to acquire the skills and qualities of thought which will enable him/her to fulfil their potential academically, physically and morally

Maintain excellent relationships with parents so that we may work together to provide the best for all children.


We aim to ensure to ensure that children leaving St. Anne's School will have had an enjoyable, worthwhile and stimulating time.

We hope they will be articulate and confident, feeling good about themselves, yet be deeply sensitive to the needs of others. They will hopefully have developed the academic knowledge, skills, concepts and attitudes which will make them eager to take on the exciting challenges of the next stage of their education.

The information contained on these pages was correct at the time of going to press but Government Legislation, County Council Policy, or a particular circumstance of the School might create the need for some organisational changes and adjustment of policy.