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The Run to Rio event has been modified for primary schools in Surrey into an easy to execute, free and fully sustainable programme, to mark the 2016 Rio Olympic Games.  Each participating school will collectively walk, jog or run the 5,700 miles from Surrey to Rio.  The programme is suitable for every child, regardless of age or levels of fitness.

Run to Rio started on Monday 11th April and runs for 12 weeks.  The last opportunity for children to record any mileage will be Friday 8th July 2016. 


St Anne’s managed to run over 5,000 miles as a school. Well done!


Active Surrey would like to say a huge thank you and congratulations to every Surrey School who participated in Run to Rio.  The challenge has been a huge success: over 110 Surrey Schools took part (35,000 children) and more than half of them made it the full distance to Rio (5,700 miles).

Collectively, Surrey has run more than 600,000 miles over Run to Rio's 12 week period.  That's the equivalent of running round the world 24 times (24,901 miles) or running to the moon 2.5 times (238,855 miles).

Some of the schools reached Rio and then kept on going.  The winning school, Ottershaw, did just that, running over 22,000 miles over the 12 week period.  Their prize was a morning with British Olympic Marathon Runner Mara Yamauchi on Tuesday 12 July.  Active Surrey would like to share a particular thanks to the teachers who have really driven this initiative through in schools.