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Religious Education

Religious Education is considered central to our whole School curriculum and is about the development of a way of living which improves the quality of life for all.

The Religious Course followed is the 'Come and See' Scheme recommended by the Diocese.Through this scheme the children are taught the basis of the Catholic Faith and morality, which is constantly related to their own life experience. Hopefully, they are helped to come to a fuller knowledge and love of God which will develop into mature Christian living. Year Group Masses are celebrated termly so that all pupils have the opportunity of participating in Mass. On Holy Days of Obligation and other special occasions we celebrate the Eucharist as a School.

There are School assemblies when groups of pupils take it in turn to lead the rest of School in prayer and reflection. The pupils are fully involved in the preparation of both Mass and assembly. Each day pupils pray together as a class. There is an open invitation to all parents to celebrate any School Mass or Class Assembly with us.

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Catholic Life at St. Anne’s

At St. Anne's, we feel it is important for pupils to enjoy their learning and have a stimulating learning environment.

Here are some photos of our RE displays, RE Teaching & Learning and the Catholic Life of the School.
RE Work from Pupils 
RE Council
At St. Anne's, we feel so passionately about what we are about, a wonderful catholic school, that we have an RE council.  The aim is to ensure the 'Catholic life of the school' remains of the highest priority for everyone within the community.  The members are made up of year 5 and 6 pupils who applied for the role in a letter to both Mrs. Murphy and the existing council.
They do a wonderful job, helping staff and children around the school.  Some of their roles include: helping to prepare school masses, helping lead the Rosary in May and October, being a good listener to others to identify where help is needed, ensuring that prayer tables in classes reflect the liturgical year and being great role models for others.  We say that we want to be 'a light for others like Jesus'.
They meet every Monday to discuss ideas and areas for improvement.  You will know who they are by their actions and their badges, so please introduce yourself to one of the council!
As part of the RE Council's role, they have formed an Eco Council to help us be as ecologically friendly at St Anne's as we can be! They are responsible for sharing the important message with the school that we care about the world we live in.
The Eco Council are currently monitoring classrooms to check that children and teachers are saving electricity, water and paper by turning off lights, screens and taps and recycling all paper.
During February and March they will be launching a Plastic Pen Collecting Competition to see which class can stop the most plastic going to landfill! All used up plastic pens from school and home can be put into the class's collection box and will be counted and recycled at the end of the competition. The winners will receive an ecologically friendly prize! Our Eco warriors have more planned for the Summer Term including a Green Boot Challenge and a whole school Earth Day so stay tuned!

John Bosco Mass January 2019

Years 2-6 celebrated mass at St. Anne’s for the Feast of St. John Bosco, who inspired our school mission statement. We used our mass cards for the first time to help us follow the mass. Year 5 pupils performed a drama and led us in readings.