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Parents & Friends Association

Parents & Friends Association - Together we can make a difference

The aim of the PFA is to bring together teachers, pupils, parents and members of our wider community who are interested in supporting the school, providing an opportunity for everyone to work together, with a common purpose.

All parents can get involved, even if you only have a small amount of time available there is always something you can get involved with. Parents, teachers and others involved with the school are free to decide what they want to do and the framework within which they will work. In a world where everyone's time is precious getting enough help is always a challenge but the results will undoubtedly make a huge difference to the pupils at our school.

The St.Anne's PFA is responsible for organising the family events through the year, this ranges from the Christmas and Summer Fair; we love planning the special Mother's Day event each March and every month we have a coffee morning and at least once a term we have a Working Bee to name but a few of the things we are involved with. We always need lots of volunteers and helpers, there is always a job for everyone.

Of course our aim is to raise money for the school. We try to put 'fun' into our fundraising, so whilst you are contributing to providing our children with vital supplies, such as laptops, books, music and play equipment, we hope that you and your family are enjoying your time at the events we organise.

If you would like more information on how you can get involved, please e-mail


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