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Mrs Murphy's RE Projects

Mrs Murphy's RE Projects

November- The month to remember

We will have our remembrance book at the front of the school, by the office during November. Please feel free to write in the names of anyone who has died so that we can remember them as a school community.



Collective worship this week:

The children heard about God's two most important commandments this week. 

Love God and Love your neighbour as you love yourself.

The children also learnt about some saints and why they became saints.



Mrs. Murphy RE Project

Mrs Murphy would like the children in KS2 to find out about any saint as we are in the month of November.

She suggested they might find a saint who has the same name as them or someone in their family. Alternatively, find a saint who did something in their life that interests them.

I am over the moon with the amount of effort so many children have taken over their RE project on Pope Francis and Bishop Richard.
Here are a few samples and Year 3 have been showing me theirs too in their homework books.
Well done everyone
Mrs Murphy