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Mrs Murphy's RE Projects

Mrs Murphy's RE Projects

'Love in a Box Appeal'

I am incredibly proud and very humbled by the generosity and kindness with this appeal. I am over the moon to share that you prepared 160 boxes!
The impact you will have made to other people’s lives is incredible and something, as a school, we should be truly proud of.


This week, year 3 delivered their boxes to Abbey Chase Residential Home, which I have been told was a truly memorable and special experience. Some residents do not get regular visitors and this will have meant a huge amount to them.


On Monday, 16th December we visited the Rainbows charity for seriously ill children and delivered 40 boxes. The organisation came out and applauded the children and yourselves, sharing with us that this would mean a great deal to so many families.


We then visited the children's ward at St. Peters hospital which was an experience I will never forget. We were allowed to deliver individual boxes to poorly children and the RE council then sang in the ward. There was not a dry eye in the house I have to say and I was so incredibly proud of our children.


Finally, we delivered boxes to the foodbank in Chertsey. Again, we were hugged and thanked, with the ladies sharing with us the impact these boxes would make to so many lives.


I have to say in my 22 years in teaching, this will go down as one of the most rewarding things I have ever experienced. From the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank every single family who were able to put a box together. We will never know the true effect this will have had but we are safe in the knowledge that we have done something very special.


Mother Teresa said,


" It is not how much you are doing but how much love you put into the doing"


Much to celebrate as a community

Once again, thank you
Mrs Murphy


Care for our Common Home - Filmmaking Project

Following on from our CAFOD visit in the Autumn Term 2019 on the Zero to Hero Project, Mrs Murphy has challenged KS2 to create a film inspired by St. Francis' letter to care for our common home.


See attached letter below for more details