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Millionaires' Club

24th March 2017

Millionaires' Club
Accelerated Reader Millionaires Strive to Reach Goals:
How do you become a Millionaire?  Read one million words! St. Anne's pupils who have read over a million words this school year belong to a select group of Accelerated Reader Millionaires.
A word count is generated each time a student reads a book and then takes a reading practice quiz online using our Accelerated Reader Software.
Congratulations to twelve pupils who have read over one million words during this year.
The top 5 classes for Accelerated Reader are:
1. Tennyson - 12,511,103 words
2. Newton - 12,037,062 words
3. Wordsworth - 10,577,481 words
4. Einstein - 10,577,481 words
5. Lewis - 11,032,983 words