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Mental health and Well-being

Healthy Living and Well- Being 
We have got off to a great start and ks1 had a wonderful time on the BMX bikes. There were lots of laughs and concentration on faces! 
They had to work in teams to complete a mini course and seemed to have a great time!
In the afternoon, Well-being champions and Peer mentors met with parents who joined us for the teas and coffee gathering. This was such a lovely opportunity to catch up with one another and for parents to hear about these roles in our school. 
Wow! What a unique and special bunch we have here at St. Anne's. It is lovely getting to know one another even more by how we are choosing to express ourselves today!
How we express ourselves! Irish dancing, sports, gymnastics! What a talented bunch you are!
October 2021- Inspirational People and Black History Month
Day 1 and so much is happening!!
Day 2 of Healthy Living and well-being Week!!