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Celebrating RE Day
Miss Bisset and Mr Greaney, one of our Governors, took a group of KS2 pupils to Salesian School for the annual celebrating RE morning.  
It is an opportunity for all schools within the Deanery to meet up and take part in creative activities, followed by a Liturgy.


All of the primary schools send representatives to work in year groups together, around a theme. This years theme was 'Vocation'. The morning ends with a liturgy led by both the children and Fr. Marco from Salesian school.


As always, the children were a credit to all of the schools and the pupils from Salesian looked after everyone very well.


Here are a selection of photos showcasing the wonderful, celebratory morning.

Well done children, we are very proud of you.
Reconciliation Services for
Years 4 - 6
During Lent, Years 4 - 6 take part in a reconciliation service held by
Fr. Michael.  There is a short service followed by an opportunity for the pupils who wish, to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation.