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Miss Taylor

"History provides a unique opportunity to open doors into the past and at St Anne’s. Every child is given the opportunity to immerse themselves in various periods of history. Children begin their journey understanding what History is and how we can find out about the past. This is built upon by exploring the varied evidence we have remaining and questioning what it can reveal to us.

Through exciting and engaging lessons, children develop their knowledge of details in the past and how these have contributed to the present time. At St Anne’s we ensure a broad coverage of topics designed to expand each child’s sense of chronology and their ability to compare across different time periods. Children are given the chance to explore hands on History through the handling of artefacts both inside and outside of the classroom and visiting historical sites and museums to enhance their learning in context. Children leave St Anne’s as budding historians, with not only a knowledge of historical events but also the role they play in making the world the way it is today."