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English Language

Language work is used and taught in all areas of the curriculum and so has come to be known as Language across the Curriculum. Thus we explore the total experience of listening, speaking, reading, writing and presentation. As a School our aims for the development of language and literacy are:-

  • to use language effectively and confidently in a variety of contexts;
  • to make children aware of how language works to promote original thought;
  • to use language creatively and imaginatively, to foster an appreciation of literature, to read for pleasure;
  • to enable each pupil to take his/her place in a literate society.

The School is privileged in having an attractive library. In addition we have a large number of books linked to our Accelerated Reader Scheme, to borrow.  With such a rich diet, we expect children to leave us with a sound understanding of basic language concepts and a wealth of literacy experience. They should be able to state clearly and substantiate their individual point of view, but, above all, be able to listen to and tolerate the views of others. There are strong links with Dance, Music, Art and P.E. When time permits, productions and/or drama clubs may occur.