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National Curriculum

St Anne's well balanced and broad curriculum, based on Christian principles, ensures all children experience a sense of achievement which helps to develop their self-esteem.  The close liaison amongst our dedicated and committed teachers, non-teaching staff, parent and other adult helpers ensures the development of all children is fully supported and monitored.


Intent Implementation and Impact

Our intent at St. Anne’s is to provide an outstanding curriculum for all pupils. Through staff collaboration, planning and teaching, we have implemented a high-quality skills-based curriculum. The desirable impact is for our children to make real links in learning with a sharp focus on life-long learning. As we take a mastery approach to teaching and learning, we teach every subject in great depth. A large amount of subject knowledge and skill sit behind each one.


Assessment: Children are set 3 questions at the beginning and end of each topic. These questions have been carefully identified by teachers as specific learning points. The answers at the end of the topic should be more detailed and show progression for both knowledge and skills.


Immersion: Fun immersion activities are used at the beginning of every topic so that pupils are engaged and experience memorable, creative and exciting learning.


Knowledge organisers: We use Knowledge Organisers to provide children and parents with the key information that pupils will need to know in order to fully understand their class text. Children are quizzed regularly on these facts to ensure that they are committed to long-term memory. We encourage parents to use these documents at home when talking to their child about their learning.


Download the entire National Curriculum for more detail.


Subject Leaders

As well as all of our staff being driven to ensure our children at St. Anne’s receive an outstanding curriculum that they deserve, we also have a team of subject leaders to help lead, deliver and implement such an outstanding curriculum for all. Each subject leader is responsible for their subject area by delivering and implementing their action plans and ideas and ensuring such initiatives are evident in your child’s learning and books. Each Subject Leader has compiled a vision for their subject. For further details, click on the subjects on the left of this page.