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Creative Arts

By providing a variety of practical media opportunities such as paint, clay, puppetry, needlework, we aim to develop the children's ability to respond creatively and expressively to their environment.

St Anne's has a thriving music curriculum including many extra-curricular music activities. Music is an essential part of school life and children sing in hymn practises, assemblies, nativity plays and of course in class!

As we believe music enriches and extends the quality of life of all individuals and communities, opportunities are provided for the children to play with, explore and work with sound - the basic medium of music.

They are encouraged to enjoy music through singing and by using a variety of musical instruments which the School is fortunate in possessing. We strive to ensure the children develop a love and appreciation of music which will enhance many aspects of their lives.

Our School choir and orchestra have provided some enjoyable musical events for parents throughout the year.

Each Summer parents are invited to an evening of music, which provides many children with the opportunity to perform and share their talents.

We strive to provide a range of experiences in the expressive arts which will contribute to the child's overall aesthetic development.

The choir consists of approximately 75 children. At Christmas time they performed outside at the Christmas Fair and succeeded in drawing a vast crowd to the event. They then performed their Christmas programme indoors to great acclaim from an appreciative audience.