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St. Anne's Catholic Primary School

Free Prae Road
KT16 8ET
Telephone: 01932 562251, 01932 562366
Email: office@stannes-chertsey.surrey.sch.uk
Headteacher: Mrs Leanne Harris: head@stannes-chertsey.surrey.sch.uk
Deputy Headteacher: Mrs Hanorah Murphy: hmurphy@stannes-chertsey.surrey.sch.uk
Chair of Governors: Mrs Lyn Derrington: chair@stannes-chertsey.surrey.sch.uk
Inclusion Lead: Mrs Rachel Lewthwaite: rlewthwaite@stannes-chertsey.surrey.sch.uk
DSL Lead: Miss Caitlin Dorgan: cdorgan@stannes-chertsey.surrey.sch.uk
Invoice/Payment Enquires - finance@stannes-chertsey.surrey.sch.uk
01932 582587
We are proud to be a founder member school of Xavier Catholic Education Trust.
For copies on the Information on this website, please contact office@stannes-chertsey.surrey.sch.uk

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