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Information & Communication Technology

ICT has a high priority at St. Anne's and is a major strength as identified by OFSTED. Every class is equipped with an interactive whiteboard which provides an exciting and stimulating learning environment for all the children.

Our computer suite is fully equipped with sixteen flat screen, networked computers which enable whole class or group work teaching. Classes are timetabled for weekly use of the computer suite.

Each class has access to a bank of laptops which are used in cross-curricular lessons. We also have 30 LearnPads which the children are very excited about.

ICT is taught as a separate curriculum subject in the suite using the QCA scheme of work. Additionally, ICT is taught in cross-curricular situations through other curriculum subjects such as numeracy and literacy etc.

Lower School activities involve LOGO work - word processing, desktop publishing, while Upper School activities involve using computers for control applications and data handling.

As their confidence increases, the children explore a range of skills.

The school also possesses digital cameras and movie cameras which enhance the ICT opportunites offered to the children.