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Mr Pell

"Computers are at the heart of everything we do. From watching smart TVs, using smart phones, tablets, ordering shopping or food on the internet to trying to work out why an electronic device does not work, as it should. It is therefore so important that our children get the opportunity to learn about these technologies, especially as they are the future generation who will update and upgrade, as they get older.

Computers are increasingly used more and more to create, from webcasts, videos, streaming content, creating games and images. Computing at St Anne’s is about enabling the children to learn about the creativity they can develop and enjoy on computers and how computing can link with other areas of the curriculum. Whether it is using logical reasoning in algorithms to help with their problem solving in maths; or using their Information Technology skills to create a PowerPoint Presentation in History, or creating a video of their English performance; or using their Digital Literacy to keep themselves safe on line.

Computing at St Anne’s is about giving our children the tools to safely learn and thrive in our increasingly digitised world. Our pupils will do all of this by learning a skills based curriculum that will enable them to learn new computing skills each year whilst continuing to develop and improve existing skills as they progress through the school."